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Solitary Beach

  • Spend a night of passion with your loved one in the intimate setting of a solitary beach with the ultimate comfort and elegance of a luxury five-star hotel.

Yachting Couple

  • Spend a night of passion with your loved one in an intimate setting aboard our own private Yacht Xenia. You will be provided with every comfort and luxury while enjoying each other and the beauty of the Caribbean sea.

Fulfil Your Dreams

  • We can make your dreams and wishes come true at The Inn. Tell us about your special desires and we will make them happen.

The Perfect Night

  • Enjoy yourself with your loved one surrounded by the glamour of English Harbour night life.

There is no doubt that out of the whole of the beautiful Caribbean, Antigua, with its 365 beaches, is the best place to go for an original, sweet and enchanting Honeymoon. By choosing The Inn you will have the most special and unforgettable week of your life. The Inn is a charming boutique hotel that will always remain in your innermost loving memories. You will never forget your amazing time in paradise!

The staff all got to know you, your name and your story, making you feel right at home from your arrival to departure.

- Miles G., New York

None of the other hotels we saw had the whole Inn package, can't wait to go back!

- John W., Birmingham